sacred clone chronicles

is or isn’t the ultimate at what it is or is trying to be or trying not to be

it is a blog that is not a blog1

all content on the web pages within the domain of this website may or may not exist

and may contain words combined into sentences representing meanings

such meanings may or may not mean anything and therefore not be meaningful

nevertheless, sacred clone chronicles reserves the right to meaningfulness and meaninglessness

understanding the creative capacity of the human mind is infinite, glorious, spontaneous and

always on the lookout for stimulation whether it knows it or not, owing to the adage taken too often as fact

that a cigar is sometimes just a cigar

herein lies truths about lies about truths about lies and so on so that even the most vetted, verified and highly reputed pieces of information may not be taken as gospel by any measures ecclesiastic, hedonistic, metric,  sardonic, prolific, prophetic, skeptic, heretic, comedic, poetic or any other word in any other language that ends with ‘ic.’   However, if you believe something you read within these chronicles might be true, it just might be. Or not. Or if you believe something you read within these chronicles might be false, well, it might very well be as true as the simple fact that the sun will rise tomorrow. You just never know. Or do you?


  1. the word blog is a stupid word derived from the compound word weblog, which is what Sacred Clone Chronicles are in some cases and not in others []