Shuttle Debris

Such a beast as these jagged shards stacked amid flighty Scientific questions, sponge bathed lifeless limbs, stretcher, Armed military parade, wide load National Guard solemn Caravan toward hanger of reassembly, gathered in mighty Clipboard clutched white lab coat face-masked lecturer Cantering the melancholy catalog into microphone column, Filling our grid of numbers like garden rows […]

Windy Road

In the tall green; way beyond what needed mowing, The sun could have blown the lightning of your hair Again, a presence like a sheet snapping in the wind Flung across my face as though a crooked blowing Motion was all it took to bring us without our wits To this condition of quiet restraint, […]

A Similar Thing

The radio said a Cessna made an emergency landing

ont the same side of the freeway I was driving on

minutes earlier. This happened in Gallup

on the way to Salt Lake City from Dallas. So,

I have convinced myself I can make something of it

because one can take such liberties in […]

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