Dr. Williams in 2020

The Green T-Shirt I’d only worn once In what is now a profile Picture on all social media There it was Where it had always been Folded and freshly laundered Before it vanished Like any favorite Anything I ever want


These mops don’t smell too good no matter how many ways you soak Them, frayed and rattled like the ends of torn tendons, spliced especially So the silken ligatures slowly dissolve into flesh, absorbed like a child Takes everything as possible until proven otherwise, stories that evoke Senses of place in young imaginations are impatient …
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The Cleaning

Work continues the same everywhere Beginning again in the early evenings Into the nights and mornings as quietly Changed into white clothes we wear Surface layers of dust that air brings Are wiped again until the cloth is slightly Shaded where fingertips polished the hue From flesh to cloth a mild vinegar scented Astringent of …
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Carrier Wave

The music, don’t worry, carries away in a shopping basket, Frozen peas for a pillow, cool and soft, warm and sweet. Words and sounds decay through the air we breathe a dozen Breaths per minute, inhale, exhale, difficult as the task it Has become, to the point of exhaustion as we merely complete A sentence, …
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The Tools

at this point the camera is for preparation and research, harvesting indications and hints for when the real work begins, the spiritual creation before the cast dries allowing changes, integral layers of the kinds of besmirch one should expect from centuries waiting for the heel against our soft pile, carpeting streets with chips, fries and …
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