• ideas worth remembering are usually forgotten

    Yes, yes. This is only another idea, and idea in itself about ideas. What’s the big idea? What is a big idea? What’s so big about a big idea that offers little or nothing in return. I carry around a notebook and pen. Sometimes I remember to write down a thing or two that occurs to me. I’ll write down anything that comes to mind that seems like it isn’t the kind of thing that comes to mind, usually. I got the idea to start doing this when I would review things I had thought of that I didn’t think I had usually thought of, an occurrence or two, like:…

  • easier if you don’t

    One of my favorite tweeters tweeted this most zen-like principle: It’s easier for you to act on your desires today if you don’t …      More for Virgo This is ambiguity on a poetic level, more beautiful as the accident that is its serendipity. Yeah, sure, the elipsis leads to the completion of the sentence via the url that begs all Virgos follow it. But it doesn’t have to. The sentence is nice and sturdy as is. Just take away the dot dot dot and put a single dot at the end instead.