the perfect brick

is hard to find… it’s harder than a brick to find. Especially if it is a perfect brick you are trying to find. Perfection in a brick cannot be overrated. No perfection can. Yet, a brick of perfection will go unnoticed amidst all lesser bricks because nothing other than its equal is capable of knowing such perfection. Part of its imperfection is that an imperfect brick cannocomprehend the perfection of a perfect brick. (more…)

easier if you don’t

One of my favorite tweeters tweeted this most zen-like principle:
It’s easier for you to act on your desires today if you don’t …      More for Virgo

This is ambiguity on a poetic level, more beautiful as the accident that is its serendipity.
Yeah, sure, the elipsis leads to the completion of the sentence via the url that begs all Virgos follow it. But it doesn’t have to. The sentence is nice and sturdy as is. Just take away the dot dot dot and put a single dot at the end instead.

seamus never disappoints

always in-person when the opportunity allows, you should, you really should try to meet with him whatever the occasion. You just won’t be disappointed. And so, here we are, there he is. Who, exactly who is holding court at this gathering? The jury is out on that for the moment. The conversation moved beyond the point of that mattering probably before it began, sort of a spiritual creation of ideas articulated in the singularly peculiar mix of minds and ways of thinking, the cool balance of yin and yang as settled as cornflakes during shipping, that renders all judgement neutral. No ideas spoken here are new.

James M Hendrix

James M Hendrix

None of them. We’ve merely brought them to our forum, the pub that is not really a pub, to speak and be spoken about, agreed with, acknowledged, ignored at worst. Things get said worthy of any scholarly record, any humorists notebook, clergy’s sermon sketches, pornographer’s napkin. But Seamus, forget what he said about writing up a nice account for the company newsletter. It’ll never happen. (more…)

Retrieving the Dish

I stopped by last night (really it was this morning) and banged on your door till my knuckles bled. I found the brownies I left on your porch (a couple of weeks ago!) untouched except for the green stuff gone psychedelic and all fuzzy growing on them. I don’t think I’ve seen a better medium for that particular mold/fungi combination in any lab. Cherie needed the pan for another project she’s working on. I decided to go ahead and sample the brownies as they were, and downed about a dozen of them before I started throwing up on the passenger’s seat of the cruiser. I haven’t slept all morning. Or maybe I have. I don’t know. It’s all been one big hallucination, including this email. Did you ever notice that email backwards is laime? What’s laime? Email backwards. I swear a blue jay is out front reminding me to stop leaving the mower out in the rain so the magneto doesn’t rust. Hang on a minute…. I just told him to quit being such an old lady. A litter of rabbits, if that’s what you call them, cute little bunnies each, hold their bellies with laughter at what I suppose is an inside joke the twins chirped out. Those twins come up with clever stuff! One starts the sentence, the other finishes. It’s a little game they play. Wish I knew what they were saying:.
Blue Jay: The day, the day, the day…
Twin One: here it comes…
Twin Two: there it goes….